Friday, June 21, 2013

In the hospital

Lindsay got herself hurt on an assignment… and then healed in a matter of hours?


From Ch. 8 of Book 2


When I woke up, Brett was sitting in the corner of the room, staring at me, his jaw clenched, his hands balled up into fists, trying not to jump every time I took a breath. I knew this without even opening my eyes, and that was something new. I’d never been able to see with my eyes closed before. It was like I could see him through my eye-lids: I could see his aura, his energy, in the shape of his body, a deep colbalt blue the color of his eyes. I kept breathing, slowly feeling the stress lift from my body like smoke. As I relaxed, the images behind my closed eyes faded. Carefully I opened my eyes. The light hit my retinas and made me see spots, and it felt like it was burning inside my brain.

My leg was sore. Not as sore as I expected it to be, but still pretty sore.

Brett jumped up and knelt down beside me, so our faces were level. He searched my face, like he was making sure I was the same person. Which for someone with a personality disorder is a genuine concern, so I guess it was warranted.

“I told you not to get shot.”

“And I told you getting shot was my favorite part.”

“Linds, god, if you ever scare me like that again…”

“Whatcha gonna do? Kill me?” I smiled. I felt surprisingly good for someone who had just been shot in the thigh.

Linds. That was kind of cute.

Using my arms, I hauled myself up into a sitting position. I felt it then, but not too badly: a shock of pain ran all the way down my leg and up into my hip. I winced.

“You okay?”

“Not bad, for someone who just shattered their femur.”

Brett looked at me funny. “You didn’t shatter your femur.”

I stared at him, thinking back. Yeah, it was definitely my femur. And yeah, it was definitely shattered—

Oh god. They’d amputated. I knew it. I was feeling phantom pain. If I looked down my leg would be gone.

“Calm down,” he said, looking at me like I was crazy. “It’s just a bruise. Which is just as painful as a break, but not as bad as shattering or splintering it. You’ll be back to work in no time.”

I looked down at my leg—which, thankfully, was still there—and threw back the covers. It was wrapped tightly, but with an elastic bandage, not a plaster cast.

“No, it was shattered,” I muttered. I looked around for some sort of medical records at the foot of my bed— There was nothing.

Lindsay’s Playlist

Each of these songs is important to Lindsay for one reason or another… Maybe one day I’ll elaborate. For now, get to know Alex, Brett, and Lindsay. They’re all connected, and this playlist is for all of them because of how their stories are related.


Sunday, April 14, 2013

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Monday, April 8, 2013

Pet peeve: when someone in the 20 or less line clearly has like fifty items. Wtf?

Thursday, January 31, 2013

So. FREAKING. Tired. Up till 2am and now I have to dance, work, and go to class with FREAKING pms cramps. Sometimes I hate being a girl.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Bucket List

Margaux’s story is going to be in the form of a blog.I will eventually post some of the posts up here, but it won’t be online, it’ll be a book in blog-type format.

That being said, here is the first half of the first entry on Margaux Novostad’s blog:



It’s 8 o’clock on the first Friday night of my senior year of college, and I’m sitting at my desk doing homework.

I promised myself I’d do better this semester. My goal is all A’s instead of A’s and B’s. I also promised I’d start earlier on my research and reading, since as a sociology major, reading and research is all I ever do. And I’d promised I’d cut out chocolate and sugar and pizza, and go to the gym somewhat regularly. I hadn’t really been able to keep that promise this whole first week.

Yet as I sit here, at 8 pm on the first Friday of my last year of college, I feel like I’m missing something. I mean, I’ll only have one first Friday as a senior, and I’m spending it reading an annotated bibliography about racial prejudices and preparing for next month’s quiz?

“What’s wrong with me?” I asked myself out loud. Not like there was anyone to answer me. I’d never had a roommate—I’d transferred to the university as an honors student, and had the option to have my own room. Most people with single rooms have to share a bathroom with a suitemate, but my “suitemate” was the Display Room… so it looked like a girl’s dorm, but nobody lived there. It was for open houses and high-school tours.

I don’t usually do anything on Friday nights except drink yummy coffee and stay up an extra few hours goofing off on I don’t have any friends, and I don’t have a boyfriend to take me out on dates.

As I sat here and think about my social and private life, I came to the conclusion that I had none. The only person on campus I can say I have a legitimate relationship with is my Social Deviance professor, and probably my Race and Class professor as well, and the department heads loved me… and I know a bunch of people, they just aren’t my friends.

Spur of the moment decisions have never been my strongest attribute, but before I could talk myself out of it, I grabbed my computer and did a google search on “College Senior Bucket List.”

I came up with a myriad of lists of things that people want to do before they graduate, and below is my list. All things I’ve never done, all things I want to do before I walk across that stage.

The Bucket List

  1. Take a class in a subject you know nothing about
  2. Attend a student-run theater production
  3. Go on a picnic on the football field
  4. Surprise your parents with a drive home one weekend
  5. Re-take the SAT just to see if College has made you smarter
  6. Dye your hair while it’s still socially acceptable
  7. Say the F-bomb for absolutely no fucking reason
  8. Meet the school mascot
  9. Go vegan for a week
  10. Have lunch or coffee with your favorite professor
  11. Go on a weekend road trip to an unknown destination with anyone who wants to come
  12. Create your own signature drink
  13. Go mountain-climbing, hiking, or on a trail
  14. Walk around campus at 3AM
  15. Rush a sorority
  16. Hang out with a Freshman
  17. Run in a school-supported race
  18. Participate in Free Hug day
  19. Steal a sign
  20. pass the note in class
  21. Donate blood
  22. Visit a teacher during office hours
  23. Pull an all-nighter
  24. Sleep all day to make up for said all-nighter, and purposefully skip class
  25. Wear pajamas to class
  26. Sleep under the stars
  27. Go paint-balling
  28. Write in wet cement
  29. Go to a concert
  30. Skinny-dip
  31. Go on a campus-sponsored event
  32. Get a tattoo or piercing
  33. Sit in a class you’re not enrolled in
  34. Go to a party
  35. Hook up with someone you don’t know
  36. Play a prank


Let the adventure begin.


you had a bad day.


  1. first flavor of the day was pumpkin spice coffee and caramel flavored cream. ew. never again.
  2. ate breakfast, but my bagel was burned.
  3. skipped history class in favor of homework for philosophy class (damn you Aristotle!)
  4. got homework back from philosophy teacher, but he didn’t like it.
  5. got 2 new bruises in dance choreography class.
  6. got a wheel lock on my car for accidently parking overnight in the 15-minute zone.
  7. got the wheel lock off, but nearly dislocated my knee in the process of walking all the way down to the office.
  8. McAlister's took 20 minutes to make a freaking grilled cheese sandwich.
  9. got in the car to go to work and hit 3pm traffic.
  10. upon getting out of the 3pm traffic, my engine blew. oil, water, everywhere. smoke. loud noises. shit.

Maybe I should just go to bed before anything else happens…